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The feel good dress for every woman. This capsule collection launched Fall/ Winter 2016 direct to consumer in four styles each in various limited edition prints, staple and seasonal colors in silk crepe de chine and velvets. The foundation of the brand is a striking dress type that is effortless, stylish, and natural for every sized woman.  With subtle, classic sight lines and smart drape that are, fun, packed with personality each woman wears this line her own way: more than a dress line, rather  a state of mind, a philosophy, a lifestyle choice.

Imagine a dress that makes you feel confident, sexy and empowered in your own body.  Like the favorite pair of comfortable jeans that fit just right, or the boyfriends white button down that somehow is sexier because of how it is carried off, true style is self acceptance.

Removing common insecurities about body image and compromising or competing with oneself, while trying to create perfection based on society's standards, the designs will be timeless, not concerned with trends or fads. Instead coveted and collectable pieces emerge that can live in your closet for many seasons.

This idea came from Erika Ehrman-Repola's transition to 50, getting divorced, and being reborn as a single woman of a certain age. She was looking for the perfect dress.  Fun, simple, and easy to wear and flattering or working around the various stages her body would go through in a single day.  Add to that: age defying, sexy and affordable. Commercial and popular options were either inappropriately short, or school marm long, slinky 20 year old, or matronly sack.  Pretty much everything else was luxury designer expensive and nothing felt like the "new me". 



Launching at a price point of $425 - $625. There will be a couple core silhouettes for launch. The main dress style will have a cinched elastic waistband and pockets. This allows for ease of fitting the shape shifting woman’s body and having pockets to put you're a few  necessities and perhaps your hands when you don’t know quite what to do with them. Even this is a philosophical move.  Comfortable, yet still chic, easy, sexy, effortlessly styled dresses for real people who are looking for that go to dress they can just throw on. These are not doll clothes like so much of what is featured in the media and in retail!

The neckline and sleeves will adapt different styles and seasons, with the core body always the same. The second silhouette will be the tunic with ¾ sleeve and pockets. Each dress will come in silks in just a few color ways, various prints for launch. All of the fabrics are limited editions, which will give our customer the feeling of having something that is unique and special.  For launch we will be focusing on crepe de chine,  silk charmeuse and velvets.  As the brand develops we will introduce other categories as well as accessories.

The Ernst Reiko collection will feature unique prints that are not based on fashion trends, but rather influenced by culture, art and design.  The Ernst Reiko wearer has a soul, a strong personality, and style of their own. These dresses are timeless and collectible with curated images and patterns. Eventually we want to create partnerships and collaboration with visual artists. Combining emerging artists with emerging fashion is a tried and true “cross pollination” for  today and newsworthy, providing new marketing initiatives and stories for each season.